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St Marys Primary School Fivemiletown

Year Three

In Year three, we aimed to have every child in the school involved in at least one Shared Education programme. It is very busy organising and coordinating this but we believe that it is worthwhile and beneficial for our pupils. Strong relationships have been built up between staff and pupils within the partnership already and this makes a huge difference when planning and carrying out the tasks.

Term 1:

Primary 3 & 4 working with Primary 3 pupils from Fivemiletown Primary, developing their skills in programming. They use BeeBots and are challenged to plan and execute movements for the BeeBots, moving around grids and trails.


Term 2:

Primary 1 & 2 work with Primary 1 pupils from Fivemiletown Primary and pupils from Fivemiletown Nursery School, developing their skills in Numeracy through play. They use Numicon to help to understand the concept of Number effectively and incorporate this within their play sessions.

P5-7 work with P6 in Fivemiletown Primary to develop their understanding of financial capability. This is led by Justine from Danske Bank and aims to teach pupils about budgeting and managing their money effectively.

P5-7 work with P5 in Fivemiletown Primary to develop their Number skills through problem solving activities. We will use the I-Zak 9 cubes to challenge the pupils in an interactive way and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Term 3:

Primary 5-7 will work with P7 pupils from Fivemiletown Primary to develop their physical literacy, as well as developing an appreciation of the games synonymous with each others' cultures. Coaches will be accessed to lead pupils in Gaelic football, cricket, rugby and hurling, with a fun swimming session finishing off the programme.


All of the programmes will be celebrated through our Shared Education Celebration Event on Wednesday 22nd May at 2pm.